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Any time a project involves more than two artists, it runs the risk of having too many cooks in the kitchen. But Autograf seems to be functioning at optimal performance, regardless of their three-man headcount. The trio from Chi-Town have been penning compelling productions that touch on tropical persuasions, and they’re ready to take them on tour with a brand-new live show in 2016. The string of dates takes its name from the Counter Records single they just put out, “Metaphysical,” which is packaged with some mean pop-art graphics and the lovely lungs of Janelle Kroll.

It’s clearly left a handful of remixers feeling hella inspired, with Vijay & Sofia being the latest to give the sticky tune a new means of existence. The Belgium-based duet keeps things on the chill tip with their mix, letting the melodies and vocals do their job. Tethering a bobbing lead with staccato chords, the real-life couple knows how to get deep when they want to.

Available via Counter Records.

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