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It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Midnight Tyrannosaurus feels just fine.

The DJ and producer’s massive, universe-eating sound is reflective of the current incarnation of dubstep and the chaotic state of the nation: Anything goes, and those who dare go the furthest and most far-out shall prevail.

“The dubstep scene in 2018 is definitely thriving in a major way—but almost too much, to the point where the oversaturation of artists is becoming an issue,” says the NY-raised Colorado resident, born Jason Figlioli.

“For every five unique artists, there’s a couple hundred trying to sound like everyone else,” he continues. “For a lot of people from the outside looking in, they could see it as stale because of that. Meanwhile, there’s still a bunch of artists making really unique stuff. People just have to dig a little deeper for it.”

Set to detonate the stage at this weekend’s Bassrush Massive in San Bernardino, CA, Midnight-T insists the dubstep sound is ready to break out beyond just the underground, and not just to soundtrack youth-oriented ad campaigns and extreme sporting events.

“I think things are looking up with artists like Mastadon and PEEKABOO. There’s a new, huge wave of innovative sound coming in lately that’s super refreshing. I think the [next] big thing is dubstep cracking further into other forms of media,” Figlioli opines. “For example, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal personally reached out to multiple artists in the underground, asking to hear their music recently. If you told me four years ago that something like that would happen, I would’ve laughed in your face. It seems like a no-big-deal kind of thing to some people, but things like that are proof that the heavy bass scene is shooting forward at the speed of light right now—to the point where even unbelievably famous people, from completely different realms of the entertainment industry, are catching wind of it. That’s pretty cool.”

For fans chomping at the bit to experience Midnight Tyrannosaurus at this year’s Bassrush Massive, the producer promises to reward them with a tidal wave of new tracks.

“I’ve been really focused on making my live sets more special, to set myself apart from everyone else. So, fans at Bassrush can look forward to some fresh, new doubles and a ton of new music.”

“I wish I was staying both days,” he adds, “but I’m super hype to check out the homies BadKlaat, Yakz, Trampa, as well as the legend G Jones again!”

Midnight-T promises a long-awaited official merch line and online store this year, with a new three-track EP also ready for release in the imminent future.

“Each tune is a different genre entirely, and it will also have another mini-movie tied to it that I’m super hype to show everyone,” he reveals. “I may have some cheeky, cool live show announcements coming over the next couple of months, too.”

The producer adds that the next release in his Midnight Snacks series will be “something big”—so much so, that listeners can “expect the majority of next year to be quiet as a result.”

As for the big pink elephant—or in this case, animated existential madman scientist and his nephew—in the room, Midnight Tyrannosaurus says his notorious Rick and Morty–sampling collab with E!HIDE, “Planet Purge,” was the result of an organic moment in time.

“The grand majority of my music is themed around things I enjoy. So, when I was watching Rick and Morty Season 2 and saw the “Look Who’s Purging Now” episode, I saw it as a golden opportunity to sample something awesome,” he reveals. “I never thought it would turn out to be as big as it is now.”

As both dubstep and Midnight Tyrannosaurus continue to sweep across the nation (and the rest of the world, for that matter), we locked down a 40-minute official Bassrush Massive mix that shows him flexing in full force across 38 ravaging tracks.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus Bassrush Massive 2018 Mix Track List:

Midnight Tyrannosaurus “Omnic Crisis”
Subtronics “Critical Strength”
Ivory “Vengeance”
Eptic “Bloodlust”
Excision x Space Laces “Rumble”
The Cookerz “Riddim Restaurant”
Liquid Stranger “Hotbox” (PEEKABOO Remix)
Answerd & Aweminus “Zyklon”
Infekt “Red Martian” (Svdden Death Remix) (Free)
Chibs & Duffey “Merk”
Voyd “Rise”
Yakz “Add Some Spice”
ID & ID – ID (Lux Remix) (Dub)
SweetTooth & Level “Impending Doom”
Ravachol “Holy Mantle”
Noisia “Tommy’s Theme” (Outer Edges VIP)
Midnight Tyrannosaurus “Brain Sludge”
Digitist “Animal Masks”
Svdden Death & Somnium Sound “Angel Style” (Buygore)
Midnight Tyrannosaurus “Supreme Symbiote”
MurDa “Monster” (Midnight Tyrannosaurus Remix)
Midnight Tyrannosaurus “The Shimmer”
Enigma Dubz “Bughuul”
Gramz “Dip Dip Potato Chip”
Midnight Tyrannosaurus “Attack of the Giant Leeches”
ID – ID (Dub)
Yakz “Emergency” (Skenz Remix)
Trilla “Vengeance” (Midnight Tyrannosaurus Remix)
Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Chibs “The Beast King”
Madcore “My Life”
ID – Tek (Dub)
Aweminus “Nu Anger”
Midnight Tyrannosaurus “King of the Deep” (NSDBL)
Chibs “Here!”
Virtual Riot “Shindeiru”
Ubur & Subtronics “Drop Drop”

Midnight Tyrannosaurus plays at Bassrush Massive 2018, which takes place Friday, July 20, and Saturday, July 21, at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. Tickets are on sale now.

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