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Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United States

The Midnight Tyrannosaurus is a T-Rex/Humanoid hybrid that stands 5 feet 7 inches tall
weighing 240 pounds with a bite force of 7800 megatons. Late last night it escaped our
testing facility and is currently ‘at large’ – anyone in a 100 mile radius of our facility is in
grave danger. We urge you to form groups, arm yourself and remain indoors until
further notice. The Tyrannosaurus is an extremely violent creature with an insatiable
appetite capable of devouring an entire human being in just under a few seconds, and
an entire crowd in just under an hour. If you’re in the area you may hear spontaneous
earthquake-like rumbling beneath your feet coupled with strange sounds that cause
mass confusion and hysteria. This creature is more than just a bloodthirsty beast, it is
also a master of mind control; utilizing an evil orchestra of music to brainwash his
victims sending them into a violent frenzy causing damage to everyone around them. If
the Tyrannosaurus finds its way to your city, please, take shelter, and brace yourselves
for what it soon to be – your demise.


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