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Following the head-spinning success of his Imposters EP, PEEKABOO returns to Wakaan with another dark and heavy dose of experimental bass. Transforming spirit into the material realm once again, his Maniac EP dives deeper into the dark side with an occult-tinged offering sure to bring on the dancefloor shivers in all the right ways.

While all the cuts hit hard, it’s “Work of the Devil” that really puts us in the groove and gets our coveted Track of the Day designation. Channeling PEEKABOO’s love of horror films and all things spooky, the slithering beast at the core of this one leans hard on a rib-rattling bassline and demonic beat. As with all this producer’s bits, the sound design and subtle attention to atmospheric detail elevate this one beyond a simple dancefloor cut and make it an ideal backdrop for your own full-moon rituals and deep-space travels.

It’s no coincidence this one drops today, Friday the 13th, so cast your circle of protection and prepare to enter the inner realm.

Available July 13 via Wakaan.

Grab your free download of “Work of the Devil” here.

Buy PEEKABO’s Maniac EP here.

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