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Maniacal. Sub-wrecking. Face-melting.

Just a few words to describe the bone-sawing synths & sinister basslines from Los Angeles based produced David Mitori, better known as YAKZ.

With roots in Metal as a vocalist for several years, Yakz found his place in the underground Dubstep and Riddim scene where his focus on gritty, rhythmic sound design garnered popularity with independent, bass-heavy labels such as Funtcase’s DPMO, Borgore’s Buygore/Fresh Blood, and Circus Records.

As his skills leveled up, so did his genre-range. With a self-released lo-fi album titled Hollow Footsteps, and melodic collaboration with Benzimixer in “Fly So High”, Yakz is nose-diving into uncharted territory and we’re here for it.

In 2021, YAKZ joined forces with fellow producers UBUR and Aweminus for the explosive collaboration “Party Starter.” This track sent shockwaves through the bass music community with its relentless energy, solidifying the producers’ position as THE party starters.

In 2022, YAKZ embarked on his highly anticipated debut headline tour, the “Escape Room Tour.” This tour took audiences on a mind-bending journey through YAKZ’s unique musical universe, further establishing him as an outstanding live performer and cementing his connection with his ever-growing fan base.

Building on the momentum of his successful tour, YAKZ continued to refine his craft and push the boundaries of his sound. This year he released his debut album, “The Door of Opportunity”, which was a masterful showcase of YAKZ’s growth as an artist while maintaining his signature bone-sawing synths and face-melting basslines.

With his relentless work ethic and passion for pushing the limits of bass music, YAKZ continues to blaze a trail of innovation and excitement in the music world. As he explores new possibilities and further evolves his distinct sound, fans eagerly anticipate more releases, high-intensity shows, and the next chapter in the journey of this talented artist. This is just the beginning for YAKZ, and the future holds boundless opportunities for his musical endeavors.


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