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BRØKEN is roaring into the New Year with an absolutely mad roundup of churning bass action. Titled Conspiracy Vol.1, this self-described “subversive set of bass music” runs all across the spectrum. Names such as Daze Prism, Celladore and SaidWho crank out the sounds of deep dubstep, UKG, grime and more. These tunes are deep enough to please the heads, but also body-moving enough to fill the floor.

Among the ranks is London’s Womba, who lays down a fiery bit of UK breakbeat by the name of “Come In.” Like many of the tracks here, this one is not afraid to take its time or leave plenty of room to breathe. Warm and atmospheric, the build is full of lush pads, hand percussions, echoing nature samples, and classic vocal styles. These components carry the listener gently along for the ride, until the coaster goes over the drop and hard-hitting beats come breaking in. It’s the type of land that will put hands immediately in the air.

Staying true to the original vision of the track, Womba balances those misty elements alongside a huge bassline and rhythm, which drives like a train. Overall, it’s a powerfully emotive tune that is sure to land hard on the decks. Wrapped into the large picture here, there is still plenty of hope and progress to be had in the world of bass.

“This tune pretty much sums up everything I’ve loved about UK music since I was 17,” Womba tells Insomniac. “I grew up going to some really dingy squat raves in London, which is where the warehouse jungle vibe comes in. Since then, I’ve found a real passion for the UK bass genre, but keeping with the more dark side of things. ‘Come In’ represents the nostalgia I have when thinking about my experience with the UK scene.”

Available January 24 via BRØKEN.

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Follow BRØKEN on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud




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