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Sleepy Tom has recently been dipping his toes into the waters of crossover music. His latest experiment, finding a home at the eOne Music imprint, was a funky, AM gold-caliber tune called “Move,” which, when layered with Sophia Black’s captivating vocals, made for one catchy hit. But now, he’s about to drop remixes for “Move” to take it out of the mainstream and into deeper territories.

One of the remixers in question is a new project by the name of Otira, which is set on exploring heavier and faster sounds in the hard dance department. So, it should come as no surprise that Otira starts off by ratcheting things up to a breakneck 150 BPM. A tectonic and bone-crushing kick fires away with hardcore flair. Meanwhile, the percussion rolling in and out has a definite breakcore feel. The vocals are pitched way up and play along with the bass and melodies to give the whole thing a very ‘90s rave feel.

It’s safe to say that while this remix is worlds apart from the original, it’s no less catchy. Otira’s vision of “Move” might be wilder, but listeners are just as likely to find it compelling them to dance or having it stuck in their heads for days. In the end, this is a wise choice for Sleepy Tom.

Available February 22 via eOne.

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