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When word started to spread about Dreamstate, Iboga Records, and FMBooking deciding to form an alliance by launching a new imprint, the trance community couldn’t wait to find out what these three tastemakers were scheming up for their release schedule. They’ve appointed progressive masterminds Vini Vici to assemble a tripped-out sampler of sorts, which arrives today in the shape of their Part of the Dream compilation.

“There is nothing that can describe our thoughts better than the compilation title, Part of the Dream,” Vini Vici tells Insomniac. “This is definitely what we feel at the moment.”

And what they’re feeling is vibrating on the same wavelength of all the psytrance that has been pushing the once-niche genre into a worldwide outbreak. On the 18-track album, Vini Vici blast off into a psychedelic paradise by surrounding themselves with artists of their transcendentalist ilk. The compilation banks on contributions from some of the strongest names in the progressive circuit, including Ace Ventura, Pixel, GMS, Animato, Astrix, and many more. It’s all you could have ever dreamed of what could come from a Vini Vici–driven comp, except with a little extra sprinkled on top. Dive into the entire album after the jump.

Have you already run through the entire album and are trying to figure out how to hear it in a different context? We got you. Tune in to EDC Radio tonight at 6pm PT, because the Dreamstate team has put together a continuous compilation mix that you don’t want to miss. Make sure to also catch the sounds of Dreamstate on the station every Tuesday and Thursday from 8–10 pm, and on Sundays from 12–2pm every week.

Vini Vici’s Part of the Dream compilation is available here.

Dreamstate SoCal 2017 takes place Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, November 24, and Saturday, November 25, at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. For more information, visit the official website.

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