After some careful scheming, BOT and Matthew Anthony—the ones responsible for overseeing Main Course and Perfect Driver, respectively—have decided to match strengths in the studio on one rather rebellious collab EP. It goes by the name of Oh I Know, and is holding in more mischief than a supermax prison. Across both its offerings, the two troublemakers turn loose the most naughty low-end beats to have hit the streets this year.

“Misbehaving” is particularly ill-mannered, the type of jam that’ll make floors shake under its weight. Shuffling drums keep the vibe in check, not letting up even while the twangy tones and nonchalant synths bang out up top. The vocal hook doesn’t help alleviate the pressure, either, adding a boss-like attitude to the entire situation. It’ll get results, but that’s a given when two rule-breakers of this magnitude link up.

Available August 26 via Perfect Driver.

Buy the Oh I Know EP here.

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