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Matthew Anthony was immediately sold on releasing Bruno Furlan’s track “Butterfly” as soon as Mark Starr put the Brazilian producer’s tune in front of him. The difficult problem was figuring out how exactly to label this deep thumper before putting it out on Perfect Driver. Indeed, affixing an exact genre to this big tune is one of its most positive head scratchers.

“I was pretty much sold right away but ran it past BOT, who agreed it’s good!” Anthony explains. “We both struggled to put a genre on it, however. That’s always a good thing.”

With “Butterfly,” the sounds land somewhere in the four-on-the-floor tech house neighborhood, but there’s so much more going on here. Anthony and BOT agreed on something near fidget, and that’s also a safe descriptor. What starts off as a simple yet hypnotically driving beat soon picks up low-end steam before a smooth vocal sample glides over a pure, raw bassline. Playing against each other, several of these gritty synthlines churn in a brain-melting soundscape.

Furlan tweaks these sounds over and over again, each time achieving a new level of dancefloor madness. It’s crafting these mad alchemies over body-moving beats and rhythms that really pumps “Butterfly” up to the next level. It’s no wonder this was a must-release after one listen. It’s a solid choice for a track that is a definite hit.

Available January 5 via Perfect Driver.

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