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“Temptation,” the eponymous cut from Boston-based Steve Darko’s newest EP, lives up to the inherent tease in its title. The track opens with playful “Ah” hiccups, while fuzzy guitar squiggles its way in between chunky mid-tempo beats. As the track builds, Darko stacks more guitar effects, followed by lasers, video game sounds, a meandering Middle-Easternish melody, cowbells, and a coy Portuguese female vocal murmuring what we assume are sweet nothings.

Giving us a peek into the track’s origin story, Steve tells Insomniac, “I started ‘Temptation’ by recording my brother shredding some guitar and making some strange throaty noises, run through a series of delay pedals. This laid down the foundation of the track, which really showcased his spacey, psychedelic rock influences. At this point, I incorporated my weird, bassy tech house styles into the tune and had a solid, club-friendly house tune going. What really tied ‘Temptation’ together was the Portuguese vocal sample that runs throughout the tune.” Indeed.

Slinky, wobbly, popping with off-the-wall effects, and a smooth groove set to a steady mid-tempo beat—it is a choice cut for the summer.

Available July 6 via Perfect Driver.

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