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Take all your preconceived notions about what dubstep can and should be, and leave them at the door; the intercontinental duo known as Truth is here to set you free. Having carved their own niche on the deeper, leftfield end of the genre, the sonic dreamscapes and heavyweight bottom-end the duo is kicking have more than enough dirt to keep things grounded for both the warehouse and art-house crew.

As they drop their 14-track Wilderness of Mirrors album on Disciple Recordings today, there’s no denying the genre-bending power that the duo is capable of crafting on a broader scale. From deadly rollers to grime-infused stickups, their ability to flex and fuse so many seemingly disparate elements into a language all their own is truly breathtaking and sure to be appreciated and marveled at for years to come.

To get a sense of the headspace the crew are coming from, check our “Echo Chamber” premiere below. Easing us into things with a hypnotizing dreamscape, where most producers would hit you with a dirty drop, Truth hits the switches and shifts gears into an eerie, soulful vocal melody that rides atop a haunted groove in a sweet and subtle way. It’s enough to bring on the goosebumps before the growling beast lurking at the edges comes lurching in toward the center. It’s essential listening for those who like to get their head twisted off the deep end.

Available May 19 via Disciple Recordings.

Buy the Wilderness of Mirrors LP here.

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