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As we approach the time of year when it’s not entirely clear whether to smile or cry at the fleeting summertime feelings, Trouze barges in with a reason to celebrate. After kicking up a major stink alongside Elephante on their far-reaching collab, “Age of Innocence,” the three-piece outfit is ready launch the project into the forefront of live electronic acts. Declan, Jovany and Tat funnel their strengths of generating chart-toppers (they have 50 hits between them in the pop domain) into a felicitous jam that fully epitomizes those long looks back at all the good times, when the sun is shining at its best.

“Intersection” is a cross between spunky future house and accessibly aimed songwriting. The carefree vocals are carried out by spry synths sprawled across a radiant bounce, replete with feel-good keys that eventually overflow into a lighthearted guitar solo. It’s the first of what looks to be a long line of catchy creations from the collective mind of Trouze.

On the release, they had the following thoughts to share:

“Intersection” is a really apt first single for us and truly represents who we are: an intersection of cultures and background among the three of us. Declan, influenced by his time in London and Singapore; Jovany with his Cuban-American influences; Tat with his Singaporean-L.A. influences. As songwriters and producers, we are big on strong melodies and meaningful lyrics, and that is really the essence of what drives the track. The mood, however, evolves towards the end, where we built the song to drop into a guitar riff layered over a groovy bassline. The track is inspired by the feelings you get when summer draws to a close, as you look back at the magical moments of the past couple of months. It could be a place, person, or experience. As you reminisce, you know that you have to leave it behind, as much as you don’t want to. Hope you like it!

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