While the actual identity of MotherBoaard is shrouded in mystery, what we do know is that this producer knows how to turn in a polished track. He’s chalked up two solid remixes for Flosstradamus and Cashmere Cat, and he certainly didn’t slouch on his third project. Skrillex’s track “Dirty Vibe” was a definite highlight from his album Recess, and MotherBoaard gives the track a tasteful trap makeover with lightning-fast vocal chops and knocking 808s. Be on the lookout for this name to pop up a few more times this year.


How do you measure the success of a track?
I tend to measure the success of a track by how well I produced it and how much time I put into mixing it. I’m always going back to songs that I feel are perfect to reference my past work, and I try to tap into that energy.

What were you doing at the time that you came up with the idea for this song? Did you drop what you were doing and get to work?
I was just listening to the original record, and I began dissecting it in my head. I could start hearing the ways I could speed it up, slow it down and flip it into something new. As soon as I could tell the song was going to become something dope, then I got in my zone and got to work.

Choose one feeling that sums up this release and describe it to us.
I’m feeling very excited. Insomniac is a household name in club music, and when I got the email about the release, I was excited to have the Insomniac fans hear my record.

Were you impulsive on this track, or did you have a sketch in mind before you started?
I really just try to get in the cut and find the inspiration and let the music guide the process—kind of like a channel for the music to follow.

Did you discuss or exchange ideas with other producers while creating this track?
Yeah, I did. All of my homies are producers, so I share whatever I’m working on with whoever I’m in the studio with at the time. I take whatever criticisms they give me and try to listen to the record from their point of view.

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