Stripped-down B-boy breakbeats, contrasting shimmering high notes, cosmic rave vocals with a melancholy pinch, and a deep, percolating bass come together for a mesmerizing workout on “Lose Your Mind,” the latest track from the UK’s Plump DJs.

Veterans of top-shelf imprints like Finger Lickin’, Plump DJs hadn’t planned on releasing the track until they witnessed its effect on the crowd. “It was whilst playing at Glastonbury Arcadia this year we realised this record needed to be set free. Watching 40,000 people goin’ nuts to a tune they have never heard before was reason enough to press the green button,” they recently told Insomniac.

We’re glad they did, and we’re surprised the button didn’t break. Due out on remix mates Stanton Warriors’ Punks Music label, “Lose Your Mind” deftly mines the austerity of ghettotech, the futuristic symphonics of techno, and the intricacies of footwork with such dexterity, it could easily slip into the classics bin, alongside Larry Heard or Paperclip People. Ultimately, “Lose Your Mind” has more in common with 2011’s big-beat classic “Gobbstopper” than 2014’s flashy EDM pop hit “U Belong 2 Us.”

Whether Plump DJs continue to work this sound remains to be seen. For now, we have “Lose Your Mind” to move us, and they have the crowd’s surprising feedback to inspire them.

Available November 14 via Punks Music.

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