Anyone who has been rolling with Punks Music knows the imprint has been steering the breaks and bass scene for what seems like forever now. The label, headed up by Stanton Warriors, has been issuing unique material that’s hard to come by anywhere else. Left/Right has been putting in mad work for the crew, with the Dallas-based artist using his multidirectional approach to broken beats to continually raise eyebrows.

His newest number finds him clicking with singer jACQ on “Lies,” a rough-edged number loaded with the realest vibrations. Her zero-bullshit lyrics are hauled off into the darkness through stuttering rhythms punctuated by face-hungry wobbles. It’s going to make a mess out of any mix it touches, and that’s the cold, hard truth. Left/Right speaks his mind:

Working with jACQ is always great. She’s such a versatile artist, and it was cool to go a little darker with her for this record. I tried to match the kind of brooding vibe I got from the lyrics into the bass and chords, and we did the same developing the concept for the video, too—lots of shadows and smoke. Having Billy Kenny and Aloka on the remixes were great surprises and an honor to have them on board. They really helped round out the package with their different styles. The support overall (from Oliver Heldens, Claude VonStroke, AC Slater and more) has been astonishing, and I’m very grateful.

Available August 22 via Punks Music.

Buy “Lies” here.

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