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Even though her grandmother was a singer, her uncle a guitar player, and her great-uncle a Cuban musician who worked with Celia Cruz, DJ Tatiana’s obsession with electronic music and DJing caught her family by surprise when she was younger.

Having since transformed that obsession into an epic career that has spanned from early residencies at Oakland’s Hotel Ibiza and the House of Blues in Vegas, all the way through to appearances at legendary venues like Spundae and Godskitchen, DJ Tatiana continues to captivate audiences, whether she’s running techno, house, bass music, or electro behind the decks or in the studio.

Never one to shy away from controversy or the media, Tatiana seems to be that rare breed of artist who is able to tune out the noise and continue to grind it out with inimitable style. Enter today’s Track of the Day: “Keep It Going.” Right from the first bar, you know you’re in for a high-energy flex as the horns and percussion spiral out of control to a winding drop that pulls out all the stops and dips straight into trapped-out territory.

“This is the energy I aim for in my trap tracks,” Tatiana tells us. “I like to keep it hyphy, funky and dirty, all at once.”

While high-energy seems to be her forte no matter the genre, Tatiana lives up to her promise as the second drop ushers in an anabolic beat sure to have the crowds bouncing.

“The feedback on this particular track has been really great,” Tatiana says. “It’s appealed to people who love trap, as well as people who have said they never liked trap until hearing this track. When I play it out, the crowd goes ape, and the feedback I’ve gotten from other DJs is the same.”

Consider yourself warned, and check the heat below.

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