Social media is guilty of making so many aspects of life easier than they ought to be, especially for producers looking for like-minded artists to jam out with. All it takes to set up a collab is a simple DM, which is how French world-bass artist Egzod managed to link up with an equally boundary-breaking beatmaker, Clips X Ahoy.

“I’ve recently moved to Miami, and I was trying to connect with local producers and the local scene,” Egzod explains to Insomniac. “I was familiar with Clips’ music, even when I was still in France. We first connected on Twitter, and we both liked each other’s work. He sent me that WIP with these beautiful vocals, and I directly felt inspired, so I brought my own touch and finished it.”

The vocals he is referring to come courtesy of the talented KLA, whose lush singing served as the initial building block for their futuristic trap tune “Everything.” It’s an apt title, in the sense that nothing could possibly be added to make this work of wonder any better. Both delicate and dangerous, the robust beat comes complete with cinematic synths, sweeping textures, hard-knockin’ drums, samples imported from Japan, and a body-bagging drop that wouldn’t have been possible without the massive vocal hook.

“I had these vocals for a couple months,” add Clips X Ahoy. “I had sent the idea to Egzod, and we knocked out the track in no time.”

It’s funny how the best things always seem to come together so effortlessly.

Available September 27.

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