Firepower continues to drop jaws with each and every outing, as it casts a wide net on the world of bass music and continually attracts the freshest cuts from the dopest producers in the game. Check the forthcoming Invincible EP from Chime, due out August 25, for a prime example of the way the label is able to hit hard and bring on the feels, all at the same time. While the UK-based Chime has exploded onto the scene with a series of huge hits, his ongoing success is no doubt tied to his ability to conjure up epic, cinematic soundscapes that soften the heart before his filthy basslines come roaring in for the face-melt.

From heart-pounding thrillers to otherworldly celestial vistas, it’s all here, as the video game and sci-fi-influenced world that Chime explores feels like a proper dreamscape come to life. One of our favorites off the EP is “Terraform,” a carefully crafted love letter to dubstep that rides the fine line between beauty and beast. Don’t let the delicate nature of this one fool you; the dirty vibes keep things grounded in a most satisfying way.

As Chime tells us:

This one was written when I was deeply enthralled [with] the amazing new show Westworld. The influence from its beautiful soundtrack made its way into my music and, therefore, naturally combined with the world of dubstep. The major key isn’t something I’ve used very often in the past and lends a hopeful tone to this track that makes it feel like a voyage through space. With humanity’s plans to travel to Mars becoming more and more of a reality, the prospect of terraforming a planet seems like an awesome possibility for our species’ future and, I thought, an equally awesome theme for a dubstep tune.

Serving as the final song on Chime’s Invincible EP, it’s a fitting close to an epic project that hints at the scope of a full-on album that the young producer is hopefully already crafting for us in the near future.

Available August 25 via Firepower.

Buy Chime’s Invincible EP here.

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