Firepower’s Flatline compilations aim to nurture and showcase hotly tipped up-and-comers, and the fifth installment does not disappoint. Locked and loaded with fresh talent, Insomniac homed in on one particular US-based artist by the name of Blaqout. Born Lance Dean, he caught the ear of Datsik after quickly making a name for himself on the bass circuit with his nasty, twisted dubstep offerings.

The self-taught producer gives Insomniac a deeper look into his journey thus far: “In the past two years or so, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of artists I look up to willing to mentor me, critique my content, and give me tips and pointers,” he says. “All of their help has helped me progress a lot since starting, back when I was 16.”

Enter his latest creation, “Mystic Flex,” a searing number that twists and turns with chaotic synth madness, showing off his dark and technical style. He breaks down the whole process for us:

When it comes down to those particular sounds, a lot of post-processing went into them. The growls are all frequency-modulated synths I created in NI Massive, particularly using A.I., Chrome and Acid oscillators with a lot of phase modulation. Additional to that, I’ve thrown those oscillators through two separate filters and automated the mix between the two filters using an LFO. The sound itself comes together when multi-voiced up to 16 voices, and a pitch cutoff is activated. Some parabolic shaping, volume enveloping and saturation, and you have a monstrous sound!

Experience the madness for yourself by previewing “Mystic Flex” below. Preorders for Flatline Vol. 5 are available here, ahead of its release later this month. Be sure to check out the entire EP, including bangers from Chime, Hi I’m Ghost, and Nato Feelz.

Available via Firepower Records February 17.
Follow Blaqout on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Follow Firepower Records on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud



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