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By the time this week’s episode starts to get transmitted over the airwaves, many of our Headliners will already be en route to EDC Las Vegas. Some will hang back as they put the finishing touches on their outfits and totems, or simply because they don’t know anything other than making their entrance a fashionably late one. The rest might very well be rubbing icy-hot on their regrets, trying to heal the pain of not picking up a pass in time to make it out to EDC’s massive 20-year celebration.

Whatever your current situation, the Night Owl Radio crew has something special for you. Please give it up to our EDC Las Vegas 2016 Mega-Mix, a two-hour display of total grandeur that goes down a lengthy list of artists performing at our annual gathering in the warm Nevada desert. Since there are well over 200 artists locked in on the schedule through the entire weekend, we didn’t have enough room to big-up them all. Nonetheless, it’s a strong pile of bangers to put on repeat while you travel to and from the festival grounds.

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