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L.A.’s Shmitty is a DJ/producer with a solid and lengthy track record that starts with numerous Insomniac parties and goes from there. He’s also label boss for Minimal Sessions, an imprint that steadily churns out deep, vibing techno—which is definitely a way to describe his new single, “The Power.”

This is a solid chunk of thumping techno that’s carried by a hard-driving kick, ringing hats, and an angular bassline. Murky and spacious, “The Power” already feels like it’s encased within an industrial warehouse, sputtering and hissing with atmospheric punctuations. But the key here is Shmitty’s tackling of the genre with a serious house lean. There is an unmistakable bounce to this tune, a groove normally found in techno’s more soulful relative. However, if that weren’t enough to convince a listener, the lead here isn’t a synth or even a melody. The captivating through line is a seriously emotive sermon vocal, the kind that makes a dancefloor say “amen.” Either free to go through its full fury or chopped to a sample of the track’s namesake, this is the secret of “The Power.”

“My buddy Rustek in Canada sent me the vocal sample from a YouTube video of a sermon from church,” Shmitty explains. “He ended up not wanting to use the vocal he sent, so I tried to turn it into a Julian Jeweil–esque techno track with a very housey vocal. I like mixing hard-hitting techno with just a hint of groovy elements that are used sparingly.”

This is one heavy-hitting tune that will definitely work out a sweat on the floor.

Available December 24 via Minimal Sessions.

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