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Einmusika Recordings label boss Samuel Kindermann, aka Einmusik, has spent more than a decade providing powerful progressive and melodic techno for DJs looking for that trademark “big” musika sound. Before the end of this month, they’ll welcome to the stable Spanish producer Nølah, who drew the label’s attention with her impressive live sets. Her Mandragora EP arrives this Friday, and we’re bringing you its lead cut as our Track of the Day.

“Mandragora” draws on both the deep basslines of vintage progressive and the melodic extravagance of ‘90s trance, situating itself at just the right distance between the two. It pulses at a healthy pace with grooves deep enough to give it a real punch, while Nølah slowly works one of those vintage synth harmonies as the track progresses.

“‘Mandragora’ is one of the two cuts included on my brand-new EP and is one of my favorite tracks I’ve done so far,” Nølah tells Insomniac. “On this production, I’ve overturned a lot of feeling that I hope listeners can appreciate. In my opinion, the mix of this powerful bass and this delicate melody makes it a very emotional track. In general, the EP aims to be a journey through sounds and emotions.”

Available April 26 via Einmusika Recordings.

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