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Not many people can boast they are actually from Berlin. However, notable powerhouse Monika Kruse can not only claim that, she can also place herself at the beginning of that legendary city’s DJ history. Being part of the early Berlin scene, and coming through it a successful artist, Kruse has an overwhelming knowledge and history of electronic music. Her Terminal M label is steadily putting out heavy-hitters, always keeps an eye on the horizon for up-and-comers. So, when Kruse recently became frustrated with one of her own tracks (she also has a solid reputation as a producer), she tapped newer artist Timmo to see what he could add to it. What came out of this collaboration was such a success, Terminal M immediately decided to put it out.

A melding of talents between Monika Kruse and Timmo, “Violet” is a journey of epic techno. A deep, bombastic kick pumps along similarly machined percussions. All the while, melodic layers of haunting synths twist and float overhead with cinematic stature. The layers of sound are composed of carefully crafted details, while the tense dynamic is painted in broad strokes. The soundscape builds and twists to tempered crescendos dropping out cathartically, leaving only melodic elements to carry the narrative before picking up all the pieces again. This is absolutely the kind of track you’d expect to come from an artist with a legacy of skill and knowledge, as well as a steadily rising newer talent. Expect to hear this one in all of the familiar techno havens soon.

Available May 3 via Terminal M.

Buy Monika Kruse and Timmo’s “Violet” here.

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