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Momentum is something LOUDPVCK has more than enough of right now, as the Los Angeles–based duo proceeds to pump out new material on a monthly basis. They’ve been clocking in at top speed lately and have chosen to scoop up the fast-rising QUIX for the next outing. And like the story goes for many an out-of-the-blue collab, they owe this one to having shared the stage at various points in the past.

“The first time we went to New Zealand, QUIX opened for us and killed it,” LOUDPVCK tells Insomniac. “We recently found out it was his first show ever! We have been big fans since then, and since we watched him open for us in NYC this year, we knew we had to make a banger together.”

And make a banger, they most certainly did. “Pace” is the product of their overlapping drive to make the most riled-up low-end joints on the market, and this one in particular sees them smashing the accelerator straight through the floor. A heavily distorted riff and a looped vocal refrain put everything in motion, making way for the track’s clangorous, swerving synthwork and rubber-burning beat. Just don’t get left in the dust when that drop kicks in.

Buy LOUDPVCK x QUIX’s “Pace” here.

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