Leave it to JSTJR to take a hip-thrusting track and knead it into something that even elite Yelpers would have a hard time hating on. This week, the world bass extraordinaire from Los Angeles dished out “158,” an appetizing moombahton jam that’s generously garnished with stuttering vox, extra chewy low-end, gooey synth stabs, and the kind of twerk-worthy flavor that makes your mouth all watery for more. Yum.

However, it’s not only with this freebie that he’s outdone himself—the accompanying music video is also a recipe for a good time. In it, he pokes fun at those garden-variety cooking contest shows found on almost every network nowadays. Donning the standard-issue chef’s coat, JSTJR is shown cooking up a storm alongside his squad, while the high-temp moombah motifs match the slicing, stirring, frying, and all-out bizarreness that goes into the dish they plan to put in front of the judge’s mouth (bonus points to those who recognized JSTJR’s manager Danny United handling the taste test!).

But silly culinary videos aside, JSTJR has always been about putting his money where his mouth is—and by money, we actually mean the most kickass parties around. Which is why he’s throwing a special taco pop-up shindig today in Downtown L.A.

“A big part of what I love about the music I make and parties I throw is that it’s all very community-driven,” he says. “I know a lot of my fans personally and love the energy they bring. I love that I can share my art with others, and I consider cooking my art, as well! So, I figured it’d be a great way to celebrate my new music—by bringing everyone together for some good food, good music, and good times.”

It’s kicking off in a few, so put the addy for Base DTLA in Waze, and watch JSTJR hold it down behind the counter. RSVP to the taco pop-up here.

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