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Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are the Brave label has been doing big things lately all over the UK and beyond. And as their reputation grows stronger, so does their search for fresh talent. In this case, they’ve tapped New York producer Avision for a hard-hitting, deep-running EP titled The Come Up. It’s clear here that Avision has a knack for pairing techno beats with house soul.

“Get It Right” is an excellent track from the four-track package that jumps right in with thick and raw rhythms. While lo-fi in feel but hi-fi in sound, this track flairs with classic house elements and warm, rich vocal samples. Clearly pulled from the underground but made for the big room, it takes the typical raw hardware vibe and fleshes it out with dynamic energy that rolls in waves.

Avision dots all the Is and crosses all the Ts on the type of track that could easily run out of steam. But here, the sounds are clearly woven to pack a dancefloor in one minute and then throw hands in the air the next. It’s a welcome merging of the warehouse and big club.

Available November 1 via We Are the Brave.

Buy Avision’s The Come Up EP here.

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