• Four Color Zack Explains His Turntablism Career

    Four Color Zack is your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ, and you probably didn’t even know it. As one of the few heads still practicing the art of “Real DJing,” alongside A-Trak and DJ Craze, the Seattle-based scratch champion—2012 Red Bull Thre3style world winner—is lauded for his technical performances, polished track selection, and high-energy party-rocking skills. He’s a sniper behind the decks, a true master of the DJ craft often forgotten in these digital days.

    Earlier this year, Four Color Zack stepped out of the DJ booth and into the producer’s chair with his Slap It Down EP, a collaboration with fellow DJ vet DJ Scene. With M.O.P. and Mad Lion serving up fire on their guest vocalist spots, Slap It Down embodies the soul of classic hip-hop BBQs with today’s dance music phenomenon.

    Practice makes perfect, and there’s no doubt Four Color Zack put in the hours at the decks to rise as the cream of the crop in the DJ world, just as his musical heroes did before him. Below, the DJ don lays out the artists, albums, tracks and mixes that inspired his future turntablism career.

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    DJ Shadow & QBert Camel Bobsled Race

    A 20-minute mix of DJ Shadow tunes completely flipped to a new universe of dope from the king of AHHH and FRESH. I was already fully in love with Shadow's albums, and when this came out as the bonus disc to his Preemptive Strike LP, my face melted before face melting was even a thing.


    Kid Koala “Moon River”

    A routine Kid K does that transcends into its own work of art. The one and only routine I know of that can and does make an entire room full of people openly cry. I know this because every time I see it, it’s the waterworks.


    Common Resurrection

    Hey, what’s this ‘90s rap album doing on this list? WTF? Well, I'll tell you. Mista Sinista of the X-Ecutioners paired up with Common to do all the scratches on the album, and talk about carrying your weight. To me, that album would not be the classic it is without Mista Sinista, and that says a lot as it is also one of my fave golden era rap albums.


    Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut ‎– Live At The Future Primitive Soundsession Version 1.1

    A live mix from the two legends that was a great example of flexing, while still keeping the funk. Listening back now, you can hear all the mistakes and audibles that made it special. No preprogrammed USB set here; just some dudes making the vibes happen.