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We capture a mental fingerprint of some of our musical and cultural heroes and preserve it in cyber-amber for the wonderment of future generations. This is the Insomniac Questionnaire; meet Claptone.

What was your favorite toy as a child, and when and why did you stop playing with it?
A golden Venetian mask, and I never stopped playing with it.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Did you take it?
I was told to get into meditation. I instantly knew this would be good for me. I never did it.

What part of your day do you look forward to most?
The night.

What’s the best time you’ve ever had without spending money?
Making music. Or does using up electricity count as spending money?

What is your most treasured possession?
My mind.

What is your favorite word?

Do you owe an apology to anyone?
I am sure I do.

When is the last time you were really scared?
Every time I look at what is going on in the world.

What is the last thing you googled?

What’s the last sound you would want to hear before you die?
A joyful sound.

Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? If not, what’s the last dream you remember having?
At times, it seems my life is a dream. Or do I live the dream? It’s hard for me to distinguish between those two, because I don’t get much sleep flying around the world constantly, entering and leaving time zones almost daily.

How do you measure success?
I try not to.

If you could have one magical/superpower, what would you want, and why?
I know several magic tricks. I am able to create illusions, not only in sound. I don’t need real superpowers like all the Marvel superheroes. I need to find the human in me if there is any; that’s my mission.

Have you ever had a brush with the paranormal or supernatural?
You could say I venture into the paranormal almost every time I make music, but not only then. Honestly, I feel torn about this topic. I would like to tell you more, but I have to admit that it feels uncomfortable to talk about the paranormal in present times. After so many Hollywood movies, the supernatural seems like a joke or a gadget to most people, and I don’t blame them. Whoever talks about these things isn’t taken seriously anymore.

What do you remember about your first kiss?
I never kiss.

What four words best describe you?
Clap Tone Gold Mask.

What’s the last impulsive thing you did?
I wrote an email.

Do you have a pet? Tell us a story about it/him/her. If not, what is your ideal pet, and what would you want it to do in an ideal world?
I cannot have a pet. It would not be healthy for an animal to be up all night, get no sleep, fly that much, hear loud music and drink champagne.

What is your strongest or best personality trait?
I am a charmer.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories or urban legends?
Yes I do, and you should as well.

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