Party Favor first premiered “Bap U” at EDC Las Vegas, and he has now officially released the biggest track of his career on Mad Decent. The trap tune has its own off-the-wall music video—featuring a “Bap Squad” that acts as an EDM PLUR force and saves people in need (while also turning up, of course). To see which DJs accompany Party Favor in the Bap Squad mission, watch the video. Hot on the heels of “Bap U,” Party Favor took a moment to reflect on a year filled with numerous Insomniac performances, festival dates throughout the US, and his own Australia tour. Below, we present his top 10 tracks of 2014.

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(In no particular order)

Jack Ü ft. Kiesza “Take Ü There” (OWSLA, Mad Decent)

Dippy and Skrilldog: Their mixes seem to have something for everyone. Their group is a wonderful meeting of minds as a whole. This track was so refreshing, and I love how this song was recorded in a hotel room in a couple hours, and it became what it is. Kiesza’s vocals fit perfectly—not to mention that snare.

The Notorious B.I.G. “Old Thing Back” (Matoma Remix)

You probably thought this list was going to be all trap and bass music, huh? I have probably listened to this more times than necessary; it’s almost like an addiction. Biggie’s flow and extremely explicit lyrics over this euphoric tropical house (or fill in your genre) song is too much to handle. It fits in so damn well, it’s infectious—not to mention, this song makes me want to frolic with a 40-oz. in my hand. 

Anna Lunoe “B.D.D.” (Wuki Remix) (Owsla)

The Wukmeister is one of my favorites. Everything this cat puts out is Rotten Tomatoes-certified Fresh, and this song is no exception. We are supposed to collab together in 2015, and I’m going to make it happen before he gets too big for me. 

Boaz van de Beatz ft. Mr. Polska & Ronnie Flex “No Way Home” (Mad Decent)

Goddamnit, Boaz. This Dutch prodigy warlock makes every song so hype. His synths often sound like an animal getting severely mauled, making for just the right amount of weird. I absolutely love everything this guy makes. 

Gabriel Rios “Gold” (Thomas Jack Remix)

A Corona beer commercial in musical form, something about this song just makes me feel at ease. It’s beautiful and benefits from the subtle edits Thomas makes, as well as Gabriel’s superb song. It’s not a song for my sets but a song to just enjoy. 

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Yellow Claw ft. Beenie Man “Dancehall Soldier” (Mad Decent)

Yellow Claw really have a knack for making tracks that make people make bad decisions. This one was undeniably going to be in my top 10, and it’s been in every one of my sets since I got the promo. Just too good. 

Destructo ft. YG “Party Up” (GTA Remix) (Insomniac Records)

I’m sure at least one GTA song makes everybody’s top 10 list. This song has been a staple in my sets for as long as I can remember. The energy of this track is so hard to deny, and the YG lyrics give just the right amount of hypeness!

Baauer ft. AlunaGeorge and Rae Sremmurd “One Touch” (LuckyMe)

This song, man. This damn song is so good. Aluna’s voice is like warm butter on my biscuit, and the brothers Rae just kill it. 10/10.

Antiserum & Mayhem “Karate” (Firepower Records)

These two are just unstoppable together, and the Karate EP, for me, was no exception. This track has been out since the spring and has remained one of my favorites of the year. I love the energy and the way a track makes you feel. This one just amps me up so much, and every time I play it, the crowd just loses it.

Spooky Black “Without You” (Great Dane Bootleg)

Just listen. Dane killed this one. 

DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon “Turn Down for What” (Columbia)

You’re going to hate me for posting this one, but I don’t care. This track has so much damn energy! Unfortunately, it’s been so played out now, but it’s impossible to deny how huge this song was. Everyone was singing this, including my mom. The saying “turn down for what” became a term people now use regularly. It made a huge impact on not just our scene, but music as a whole. Whether you think that’s a good thing or not is up to you. 



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