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According to bass monster Getter, 2016 is his year, and we don’t doubt the dude. Since summer, he’s remained unstoppable with release after face-splitting release: his experimental album Planet Neutral; huge collaborations with Ookay (“World”) and Borgore (“Squad”); and his recently released Allegiance EP via OWSLA.

On a visual front, he’s stepped it up a notch. Step into the world of Getter’s latest video for “Head Splitter” and get whisked away into a land of trippy colors, melting faces, and psychedelic artwork. Upon consuming a contaminated burger in the video, Getter fades into a bright universe, which feels like an IRL coloring book for Burners.

While food poisoning ranks high in scary scenarios, it’s nothing compared to the below five horror film scenes handpicked by Getter himself. Just in time for Halloween, these are sure to haunt your nightmares forever.

Rewind scene from Funny Games

This is one of my favorite scary movies because everything goes wrong and no one wins except the bad guys. At this point in the movie, there are a few hostages, and they are torturing the girl. She gets her hands on a shotgun and kills one of the bad guys. The other one grabs a TV remote and rewinds the whole movie and [prevents her from grabbing] the shotgun. [It’s] just a super fucked up way to make sure everything goes wrong.

Biker decapitation scene from 13 Sins

In this movie, this guy does a bunch of crazy shit to get money. In one scene, a clothesline gets strapped across a street and a whole team of bikers rides through it and gets decapitated. Super gory.

Paul Allen death scene from American Psycho

One of the best horror movies in my opinion. In this scene, Patrick Bateman is about to kill Paul Allen, but he sets up for it like he’s done this a million times. Already cleaned up, Bateman puts on his favorite song and hacks Allen up.

Cult scene from V/H/S/2

The V/H/S franchise has always impressed me because it’s so unique: a bunch of “found footage” that makes a whole story. In one of the videos, there’s a crazy Asian satanic cult that some people are doing a documentary about. Everything takes a turn for the worst and, long story short, they summon Satan himself and crazy shit goes down. Insane.

Post-murder paranoia from Bully

This isn’t so much a horror movie; it’s a psychological thriller. It’s basically about a group of kids who hate this bully, so they plot to kill him. They were definitely not prepared for what they were going to do because they all freak out. By the end of the movie, you feel like you just murdered someone yourself. Super stressful.

The Allegiance EP from Getter is available now on OWSLA.

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