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Getter is an L.A.-based funnyman, producer, and DJ who is no stranger to rocking festivals with his bouncy, bass-heavy confections. Getter—along with his fellow Trenchlords—made his name pulverizing dubstep at the peak of that style. But recently, the energetic young 20-something has embraced his weirdness and a more psychedelic, shaggy nature in what he wants to make—from videos to tunes to style.

You can see this recently rekindled sense of freedom in his favorite EDC Moment from just a few months ago at this year’s EDC Las Vegas. Getter played cosmicMEADOW, a place where anything seems to fly. And we’re all the better for it, as he led us through a forest of contrasts.

“My favorite memory from EDC would be this year, when I was closing out cosmicMEADOW and everyone stayed for my set,” Getter recalls. “I think this memory sticks out because it meant a lot to me to see people that were partying alllllll day stick around for my set. It means they really love my shit.”

“I just love the energy that I get from the crowd, especially at cosmicMEADOW,” he adds. “It’s surreal that I can play the heaviest shit—then right after, play the prettiest shit—and the crowd loves it.”

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