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I’ve got a 15-year-old cousin, and the best way to get ahold of her is through Snapchat. It’s the medium of the youth, and therefore, it’s the medium of the future. It’s so much more than a way to force friends to look at your selfies, and it has certainly outlived its reputation as a naughty pic machine. Snapchat is a mirror into someone else’s world, and guess what? Your favorite DJs are all over this ish.

Some DJs are better snappers than others, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most entertaining EDM accounts accessible.

Dillon Francis (dillonfrancis)

Ask people for a funny DJ account to follow, and Francis comes up almost immediately. This is hardly surprising. He’s quite unanimously understood to be the funniest dude in dance music. He’s a troll. He’s eating tacos. He’s snappin’ that on-the-go lifestyle.

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Justin Martin (mrjustinmartin)

Another fan favorite is the dirtybird crew’s Justin Martin. His social presence started poppin’ off with trendy and creative Vines, but things got really good when he took his shenanigans to the world of snaps. This dude is hysterical in person, and his colorful, nonsense-first personality translates just as well in mini clips. Not to mention, if he is in a music-sharing mood, it’s damn sure to be something funky and worth your time.

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Getter (getterofficial)

Bass DJs really know how to handle their social media, and this dubstep trap master is no exception. His storyline will include lots of studio time (fair warning if that’s not your thing), but when he takes a break from the waveforms, it’s priceless. You can check out his Vine to get a better idea, but really, you should just dive into the snaps headfirst.

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Skrillex (Skrillex)

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. Skrill has tons of famous friends, and he’s one of the hardest-working dudes in show business. When he’s not serenading you, he’s usually getting goofy with his buddies, or maybe he’s pallin’ around town with Diplo. The more you watch, the more you’ll feel like you know him. Please, try not to say, “Oh, you mean ‘Sonny’?” in conversation.

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Zeds Dead (zedsdead1)

Quite friendly with Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead gives a run for the troll-king’s reputation. They like to keep it quirky, and to do so, they’re not afraid to draw on a silly hat or two. This story is some of the most fun you can have while sitting on the toilet—guaranteed.

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Ookay (Ookayx)

Ookay is another account fans are quick to recommend. There must be something twisted going on in this dude’s mind, but everything he does is just plain hilarious. He takes his stories mad seriously, and they can be quite long, but they’re just as enjoyable. Dude has been snapping for years. He’s basically a professional.

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The Glitch Mob (theglitchmob)

This trio is cookin’ up some heat, and in this case, we actually say that literally. Grab a napkin to catch the drool, because Glitch Mob’s account mostly features clips of the dudes whippin’ up grade-A #FoodPorn in the kitchen. Do not binge-watch at theglitchmob on an empty stomach.

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Ghastly (iamghastly)

This bass house artist to watch is a total freakin’ weirdo, and he lets it all hang out in his snaps. Silly voices and heavy bass will be spilled, but mostly silly voices. He’s also quite the little prankster. iamghastly is your front-row seat to his insanity.

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Dirtyphonics (dirtyphonics)

Dirtyphonics stays on the grind, whether it be in the studio or literally grinding a rail. Oh yeah, they can skate. They also have a good sense of humor, and it’s worth checking out their entertaining view on the world.

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Orville Kline (Orvillekline)

The head honcho at Chicago’s weekly Porn and Chicken Mondays is one of the wildest snappers we know. Things will get a little out of hand. People will black out. Yachts will be ridden. Orvillekline might not be the most child-friendly Snapchat account in existence, but pushing the line of decency is what the app was made for, right?

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