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The newly launched label from London’s much-lauded EGG nightclub, What Came First, is back at it with another razor-sharp release. This round sees the forward-thinking talents of Warboy on his Overcast City EP. Beyond his own skilled sounds, Warboy has also brought in the talents of Vinicius Honorio, whose hands get quite dirty remixing “Rebel Herd.”

Forgoing any of the warm and bouncy qualities of the original, this version hits with the force of mechanized hammers. Bounding out with a seismic kick, the beat loops for a seeming infinity, with only a slow dynamic swell to keep from pushing the listener beyond the edges of sanity. After picking up a hard, driving hat, this theme continues, growing in fire and fury each round.

Based firmly in the low-end, the track nonetheless heaps on thick and sharp layers of jagged synthscapes, which build its energy to a nearly uncontainable level. It’s the kind of booming big-room techno that hypnotizes, yet is coupled with a fierce rise and fall that pushes bodies firmly through the room. This track could come only from the talent and prowess of Vinicius Honorio.

Available February 24 via What Came First.

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