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A Swedish export who now calls L.A. home is here to give us one final toast to summer. Ulf Bonde relocated to USC to get his degree and would end up sharing dorm rooms with budding producer Justin Jay. He’s followed in Justin’s footsteps and produced a tidy three-track package for the Culprit family that includes a remix from his college roommate. The lead track, “Blossom for Me,” is like the green flash as the sun dips below the salty horizon line, and it’s a lovely way to close out the season. You can pick up the entire package when it drops September 28.

Were you impulsive on this track, or did you have a sketch in mind before you started?
Almost any track I make starts with an impulse. After that, I’ll fill in the missing links by playing around with the existing patterns in the original idea, or trying to imagine what the opposite of the current pattern is. Somewhere along this process, a structure for the song emerges. Once I had laid out the first half of this song, I added the arpeggio to balance out the four-note rhythm.

Do you think advances in computer technology and gear have affected your creativity?
I’m sure that one could argue that it does, but at the end of the day, I believe you’re the most creative when you can play with ideas in your head without needing to hear them with your ears.

What’s the best setting for this song?
Aside from an outdoor dancefloor, I think skiing would be cool—making turns in time to the music.

What were you doing when you came up with the idea for this song?
I was trying to get some sleep before work, but I had just had the best weekend of the summer. The bassline and topline just came at me. At that point, sleep just wasn’t an option.

What’s the takeaway here? Is there a message or vibe you hope to get across to listeners?
Mood swings keep things interesting.

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