Earlier this year, Dirtybird family member Christian Martin launched his own signature underground label, Trippy Ass Technologies. Following up the solid West Coast sound four-tracker Trippy Associates Vol. 1, Martin has turned to local luminary Sepehr for one of his next releases.

The Bay Area–based artist, aka Sepehr Alimagham, delivers a solid slab of loopy, late-night acid house on his 303 Mixx of “Warpaint” as part of his three-track Warpaint / Beat on the Drums. It’s sure to fit in nicely with his after-hours DJ sets, which range from Detroit house and psych techno to heady electro and classic acid.

“If you’ve been to an underground party in the Bay Area, you’ve definitely heard a Sepehr track,” says Christian. “His superb understanding of what makes a dancefloor tick, matched with his mastery of house and techno’s sonic palette, makes every track of his a joy to behold… I can’t wait to hear what else Sepehr has in store.”

Available November 1 via Trippy Ass Technologies.

Jason Black is a word slinger. Follow him on Twitter.

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