Judging by how much cred Daylight Robbery Records has established in such a short run, we’re convinced the imprint’s masterminds, Matteo Rosolare and Jojo Angel, can case a joint without moving a muscle. However, the partners-in-crime have shown they are equally versed in taking the shots as much as they are calling them. They’ve been on a serious spree most recently, having cranked out cuts for labels such as MadTech, Simma Red, In the Loop and more. For their next heist, the gents have ganged up on a crispy two-track EP, By Your Side, for the fine folks over at Country Club Disco.

They really mean business on the flip, as “Consume” sits squarely on a tight groove that leaves zero space for any more vibes. Between the rolling bassline, shuffling drums, swirling pads and smoky vocals, this one is sure to swallow up dancefloors whole.

Available December 12 via Country Club Disco.

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