It’s always a pleasure to receive a personalized email from an artist to show that we’re still human beings after all. Most mornings, my inbox is flooded with thirsty DJs or PR agencies before I’ve even had my first sip of coffee. It’s all part of the game, but robotic pleasantries like “hope you’re well” and “just circling back” make my blood boil, so it’s nice when guys like Pat Lok take a second to actually say hello.

The Vancouver producer has enjoyed a stellar 2014 with a strong list of remixes and originals, and I really took a liking to this silky, smooth remix for MakeLove he sent over this morning. He described the track as “pre-party sax vibes,” and I think he pretty much nailed it with that one. Pour yourself a drink, and let this one fire you up for the night ahead.

Pat Lok will be coming to L.A. to play at Sound on December 3.

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