Circus Recordings is dropping one powerhouse of an EP from the fiery talents of Koen Yost. Not only is the single “Chordeal” a big-room thumper, but it’s also bringing the excellence of Riva Starr and Lauren Lo Sung in tow for remix duties. While the former builds and plays on the tension and energy of the original, the latter pulls everything down into the deep end.

Sung’s vision of “Chordeal” is somewhere between an off-the-grid warehouse party and the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Coming straight out with a full and body-grabbing beat, this remix cruises with a chilled-out leisure, rolling through classic deep house pads and stabs. A grooving bassline sits just under the mix, breathing a subtle soul into this mellow yet warm, stripped-down tune. Martian voices and frequencies drift in and out, along with simple, rhythmic shuffles, to punctuate the dynamic on this otherwise hypnotically minimal beat. It’s the type of remix that gives an entirely new vantage point to an original. Lauren Lo Sung will have you drifting far out into a space walk with this transcendent track.

Available July 10 via Circus Recordings.

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