Nom De Strip is no stranger when it comes to making merciless bangers. He’s a producer’s producer who knows all the tricks to making tracks sound as large as possible, so it’s no surprise that this bootleg will have you crawling out of your skin to hit the next festival.

His new track “Aliens” is set to drop on May 11 via Revealed, and he also has some tunes coming out on soon on Dim Mak. If this bootleg is any indication of where he’s taking things this year, I’d definitely pay close attention.

Did you discuss or exchange ideas with other producers while creating this track?
Yeah, that’s something I do a lot. With most of the music I work on, there’s a point where I panic and convince myself it’s the worst song ever made, so it’s good to have people around to bounce ideas off. On this track, I think Hot Mouth and TJR gave me some good ideas to help me finish it, and I try to do the same for people!

Were you impulsive on this track, or did you have a sketch in mind before you started?
I had kind of both on this track. I started working on it impulsively, straight after hearing the Breaux & Carnage version, but I knew which sounds I wanted to use, how I was going to use them and that I wanted to follow a similar arrangement to that version. For me, when it comes to doing bootlegs, I want to plan it out as much as possible so I can get it finished nice and quickly.

How does this production reflect your personality/ethos?
I think the simplicity, rawness and energy of it are characteristics that I love most about dance music, and that’s exactly where my head’s at production-wise just now.

Creatively, how did the work on this track stack up to previous studio sessions? Was this more challenging to complete than others?
Creatively, it was far simpler than most songs because I had the main musical elements to start with. I grabbed the drums from another project I was working on. The main challenges were creating the builds and the variations on the lead pattern to keep it interesting, but without overdoing it for the sake of it.

What’s your favorite sound/synth/effect/etc. used here?
I use Ultrabeat in Logic all the time. It’s great for layering percussion and samples together, and I love how much you can manipulate sounds within it. I used it for all the drums and most of the synth sounds in the builds, too.

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