There are times when networking can be such as fuss, being forced to go through the schmooze-it-or-lose-it motions at impersonal meetings. Dillon Nathaniel and Dateless, two of the hottest commodities in the bass house circuit at the moment, didn’t have to do the awkward handshake dance to make their next huge collaboration happen. It was actually a mutual friend who put them in touch, which has already opened the door to a few co-produced joints that have been straight flames.

“This Right Here”—the latest to have come out of their synchronistic introduction—is a nasty tune that’ll make your speakers break a sweat. Tumultuous and heavyset, it excels with shuffled drums punctuated by humming synths, the always-clutch cowbell, and busty basslines for your body. They’ve even thrown in a Kat Williams sample for good measure (props if you recognize the bit). The tune is up for grabs below, and so is some insight from Dateless on how the collaboration came to be:

A little over a year ago, Dillon and I met for the very first time at a club in Newport Beach (that we almost never attend). I went with an old friend of mine (who I rarely see), and he brought his neighbor (who I’ve never met before) along with us. We get there, and it turns out my friend’s neighbor is really good pals with Dillon, and I quickly find out that he’s an aspiring producer, so we show each other some music that we had on our phones. I remember Dillon thinking my music sounded like Justin Martin, haha. When I heard his music, I was impressed with the sound quality; I could tell his sound engineering skills were on point. Long story short, we start hanging out, making music, teaching each other little producer tips, and next thing you know, here comes the birth of our biggest collaboration, “This Right Here.” So, many unlikely things needed to happen for this track to exist; it just goes to show you how mysterious the universe truly is! We hope you enjoy the free download. Much love!
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