Botnek’s World Famous Headquarters has been cranking out top-shelf four-on-the-floor thumpers for a minute now. With a dozen releases under its belt—including a stellar World Famous Miami 2019 compilation album—this imprint has been making waves in the house scene. And now, they’re back to drop even more good news on the world with a release from up-and-coming Orlando producer Dark Cities. When Botnek’s Gordon and Erick received “Rock It”―the title track from the upcoming EP―as a demo, they knew right away they wanted to put it out.

This one is a big, bumping track of low-end house. The beat has a serious bounce that instantly compels bodies to move, and as elements continue to drop in, the groove tightens more and more. Once tone-setting pads bring the tension-building drop to its head, the whole thing crashes into a mean, fidget-leaning bassline that rolls and twists with wild abandon.

It’s no wonder why Botnek immediately chose to sign this track from Dark Cities. Tightly produced and smartly crafted, “Rock It” creates a compelling atmosphere with catchy elements and locked-in rhythms, bringing the kind of big-room energy that definitely moves a dancef­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­loor.

Available April 19 via World Famous Headquarters.

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