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Low-end Pacific Northwest producer Minesweepa has quickly gained a hefty reputation as a true trap monster. One of those envelope-pushing artists keeping the trunk-shaking genre alive and thriving, he produces tracks that always rack up big numbers in short amounts of time. Minesweepa’s particularly beastly recent tune “Black McLaren” was met with such fervor, the producer decided to put together a remix package. Though all of the remixes are unique in their own ways, Dallas’ Greed has taken things in a very fresh direction here.

Greed’s remix of “Black McLaren” is practically a rework. While using a lot of the original elements in some degree or other, this vision completely flips the trap tune into a bouncing slab of four-on-the-floor bass house. Obviously much faster in tempo, this take sees Greed roll off some of the more compressed higher ends of the original and re-edit them to fit the shuffled garage rhythms of the latter genre. And while there is definitely a momentary trap breakdown, it still adheres to the new style. Gritty and low, this version of “Black McLaren” could still make a grill sneer, but from a whole new point of view.

Probably the best part is that both artists have created big tracks that could crush a dancefloor, yet the outcomes of each are so distinctly different. Greed and Minesweepa are equally on paths to success, and here we have two prime examples of exactly why that is.

“Had a ton of fun making this tune, and I’m super stoked to be given the opportunity,” Greed tells Insomniac. “Minesweepa has a very distinct and visceral sound, especially in the highs, so it was really cool getting to play around with it and mesh his sounds with my style.”

Available May 14 as a self-release.

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