One of Spain’s most enticing exports, Cuartero has been gunning for the upper echelons of the underground through a staggering list of strengths on imprints from the likes of Get Physical, Desolat, VIVa MUSIC, Knee Deep in Sound and more. Evidently, the techno and house-hoisting sensation is on the right track as his global-reaching tunes continue to spill out the sets of the scene’s most trusted tastemakers. For his latest outing, the Spaniard scores four floor-flavored tunes on the esteemed Hot Creations imprint in the shape of his Dioneli EP.

The title cut leads out the pack in full force with its vigorously driving vibe. Cuartero cuts no corners with this beast, employing relentless hats and domineering drum work to his advantage. If the percs don’t take you where you’ve always wanted to go, just wait till those synth lines show up to the party. On a side note: Cuartero has earned our complete trust with this huge thumper.

Available May 25 via Hot Creations.

Did you discuss or exchange ideas with other producers while creating this track?
I have not exchanged ideas; I just wanted to make a very dynamic EP, and it was trough a natural way.

Do you think advances in computer technology and gear have affected your creativity?
Sure. I’ve usually used many digital plugins, so I always reflect my creativity in these digitals tools.

Have you played this one out in any of your sets? If so, what was the response?
Yes, I’ve played all the tracks for quite some time, and people ask me when I’ll release it, so I’m very happy with the final result. Also, Jamie, Lee and Richy have played it, and for me, it’s a great satisfaction.

What’s your favorite sound/synth/effect/etc. used here?
Minimoog, Predator, MS20 are some of the ones I’ve used in this EP. Honestly, they’re my favorites because I can play a lot with them, and basically this is the sound that I like to use in my productions.

If this song were a color, what color would it be?
BLUE (laughs).

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