If you believe social media, 2016 has been, like, the worst year ever—yes, ever, ever. But if you listen to Leeds, UK’s Jey Kurmis’ raucous output on top-shelf outlets like Hot Creations and Moon Harbour, the only thing bumpy about this year has been his looney tunes rocking discotheques and festivals here, there and pretty much everywhere, Sonar Barcelona and ADE included.

On whimsically titled bawdy tracks like “Xandra” and “Heyami,” chopped and pinched vocals swirl up but never away from a deep vortex of dirty, shuffling house beats. The mutant disco circus continues apace on the sassy “bow down”-commanding “Peachy,” from his new EP, Banx, out on Kaluki Musik, Manchester’s demimonde collective, whose roster features Todd Terry, Steve Lawler, and Solardo (who take “Peachy” on their own twisted spin). The overall effect is like being slapped by funky monkey, in the best way. You kind of want to make a stink face, but you can’t help smiling and slapping back.

Available December 19 via Kaluki Music.

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