BlackGummy is one to watch in 2017. Over the past few years, the Los Angeles artist, aka Iman Marouf, has been making waves in the West Coast underground scene with a steady stream of quality releases.

Now, he’s delivered his latest four-track EP, Monolith, on deadmau5’s signature mau5trap label. Our pick, “Arp Makes Sphinx Purr,” is a provocative progressive house roller that’s sure to get the crowd moving on the dancefloor toward peak time. Prydz would be proud.

“One of the nights when I was working on the arp melody of this track, my cat came onto my lap and started purring,” Marouf tells Insomniac. “At that time, I was only working on the melody, but when that happened, it made me imagine what it would sound like if a sphinx monolith purred. After a few hours of letting my imagination run free, I was able to come up with the first concept of the purring bassline, which I ended up fine-tuning through the week, until it became what it is now.”

Stream “Arp Makes Sphinx Purr” below, and be sure to catch BlackGummy on tour throughout this fall across the US.

Available July 28 on mau5trap.

Jason Black is a word slinger. Follow him on Twitter.

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