Everyone needs to push the pause button on their Fortnite binge real quick and take a fiver to check out the new mobile game app that is taking the music world by storm. Beat Fever is your new addiction. Think of it as a finger-drumming version of Guitar Hero, only made better by the dope beats they have available, including a handful from the Insomniac Records fam.

Here’s how it works: Each round lasts 40 seconds. As the sounds of Redlight, Landis, Kayoh, Bonnie x Clyde, and Dead Critic thump in your earbuds, you are challenged to trigger different elements of each track—on beat, of course—to increase your score. In addition to mastering the art in solo mode, users can also battle it out with friends while listening to a constantly updated stream of fresh releases and classic dance hits. Like something you hear? Beat Fever links with your Spotify account, so you can find everything you listen to with a swipe of your finger. Music discovery has never been this fun. Swoop it up today, and start putting those fingers to the test.

Download on iOS | Android



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