A thumping techno track with razor-sharp hi-hats, dubby arpeggios, scorching synth stabs, cacophonous rhythms, and a distorted female vocal about working your body, “Direction” is a monster of a track from Reset Robot (Dave Robertson) via the Whistleblower label he runs with Alan Fitzpatrick and Rhymos.

A single-minded and relentless workout emanating from the darker, heavier end of the techno spectrum, “Direction” has the cavernous feel of a warehouse bin-rattler. It’s the kind of propulsive joyride that gives you renewed life at the wee end of the night, when you think your body can’t work it anymore.

“‘Direction’ took on a few forms before I decided on this version,” Robertson tells Insomniac. “I wanted quite a static groove, with the chord stab and vocal taking center stage.” According to our ears, he’s succeeded.

This is his fifth EP for Whistleblower, but such mean and lean techno—along with more brooding, tech-house-flavored numbers—has also landed Reset Robot on labels such as Get Physical, Soma, Mobilee, Ovum, and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and Truesoul. Whatever shades of techno Reset Robot decides to explore next, we’re expecting nothing short of another banger.

Available November 2 via Whisteblower.

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