Running into die-hard fans on the road is nothing out of the ordinary for Rabbit in the Moon, a live electronic act that has held on to a cult following for as long as the rave scene has been around. Connecting with the crowd has always been their strong suit, after all, with studio whiz David Christophere and frontman Bunny always devising new methods to mesmerize the masses through immersive, in-the-moment performance pieces. They never leave any room for people to complain. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, and there’s even one RITM follower who gave some praise at their headlining Ultra Miami show and ended up inspiring their next release.

“After the show, we were at the after-hours party on the yacht behind our stage, and a girl comes up to me like I was Elvis and says, ‘Oh my god, are you the dark lord from the show tonight?’” recalls Bunny. “I smiled and said, ‘Yes. I am the dark lord.’”

Over the next year, the nickname burned a hole in Bunny’s brain—so much so that he decided to riff off the term of endearment, which eventually “manifested itself into our opening song of the show” the following year, when they returned to rock Ultra once more.

“We ended up at the after-party again, and the same girl comes up, freaking out,” he says. “She couldn’t convince her friends of our conversation the year before, and so I had her bring them over, and I said, ‘Yes, she did inspire the track with her comment.’ Good song ideas can come from anywhere.”

Thanks to her, “Dark Lord” is taking shape on Thumper Music this week as the second mind-altering release on the label since they kicked things off in August. The slow-burning, soul-consuming record might sound familiar if you went insane to the Escape: Psycho Circus trailer, where the sinister vocal refrain and acid-tinged synthlines got heads hyped for Halloween. The original cut is now ready to see the light of day, and it’s ramped up even further with an accompanying “Feel It” mix that crosses over into another dimension through a teeth-grinding, heavy-driving techno rework. Both versions mean business, so try them on for size after the jump.

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