Germany’s Mark Reeve is a well-known name among deep techno heads. He has not only a solid DJ track record, but also a hefty release list as well, featuring names such as Drumcode, Cocoon, Soma, and more. Now, he’s back on his own SubVision label to drop a very serious EP, with two originals and one remix.

While the title track, “Temptations,” is a heater in its own right, “Closer” is a gem of melodic techno. Booming in with a hard-driving, bombastic kick, this track at first feels like a standard chunk of techno, until haunting arpeggiations rise over the mix, unleashing the cut’s secret weapon. What really makes this track stand out is the thick and weighty synth that slices through the mix with an erratic and confident personality. This lead sets the tone and identity, sometimes treading into almost John Carpenter territory, while at other times jumping in with left-field outbursts.

The hard drive plays against these more melodic (even if at times excellently hefty and erratic) elements to forge something equally as dramatic as it is atmospheric. Set against a backdrop of surging dynamic tension, these choices are clearly intentional and thought out. It’s the kind of track that could easily fall flat in novice or visionless hands, but Mark Reeve uses simple, organic touches to turn out a powerful slab of techno.

Available December 17 via SubVision Records.

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